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About New England

Sketch Book

Growing up just outside of Boston - I was surrounded by amazing artifacts and locations of a bygone time ~ from the chiming clocks of New Haven to the cobblestone of Scollay Square to miles of ancient farmers' walls that frame our landscape that was blended with hand-crafted home goods of our Massachusetts and Maine maritime ancestors. 

These things were anchoring and tangible - available to view, touch and absorb beyond the protections of ropes and glassed display. Even as a child - I felt I was reaching across years of experiences and it provide an indelible worldview that has rooted my appreciation for our collective past.

New England Sketch Book was a borne from the grounding influence of this region and my passion to hold dear, and reflect upon, new creative visions through a lens of our cultural narrative.



Enter Wet Plate Collodion Photography


I was passionately drawn to photography early in my youth - securing my first home darkroom in my teens and moving through great affairs with TriX and Kodachrome to the wonderful liberations of digital.

In 2013 - I decided to return to my roots and pursue a new/old dimension of darkroom photography- wet plate collodion. It seemed to be the perfect marriage of my love of history that so perfectly dovetailed with the creative.


I sought out and was trained by, master wet-plater John Coffer on his farm in upstate NY. After that - a full DIY immersion of self-education & experimentation ensued in which I have committed myself to utilize this vintage development method to create contemporary imagery that connects with the rich legacy of New England.

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